Conservation & Stewardship Vision

Snake River Sporting Club is committed to be a leader in Jackson Hole, Wyoming among outdoor recreation communities by managing our business in a way which demonstrates our respect for the Snake River, commitment to environmental protection, and stewardship of Bridger-Teton National Forest while meeting the expectations of our homeowners, members, constituents and guests.

Conservation & Stewardship Mission

We are committed to protecting our wild, natural surroundings while improving environmental performance in all aspects of our operations and managing our property to allow for enjoyment by current and future generations.

• Principles and considerations have been integrated into the design and implementations of our development to reduce our footprint – both short and long-term.

• Our operations are positioned to protect natural resources and respect the wildlife of Bridger-Teton National Forest

Conservation Focused

  • Bald eagle protection
  • Wildlife (elk) corridor in the Sawpit Drainage (no construction Dec. 1 – Apr. 30)
  • Annual Fish Stocking at Beaver Pond
  • Wetlands Protection
  • Annual 4H and Boy Scout ice fishing
  • Bug analysis on Beaver Pond
  • Transfer of resort zone from Trust for Public Land – as it relates to a wildlife corridor, etc.
  • Jackson Hole Land Trust – Easement 450 acres
  • Pesticide testing/water quality etc.
    • Maintaining water quality at the Snake River Sporting Club is important. Adequate filtration buffering and routing of surface waters and careful selection of materials for use on the golf course will protect the waters and wetlands from unwanted chemical loadings and maintain the habitat potential.
    • Best Management Practices (BMP) for surface water protection are designed to provide maximum protection to surface waters and to groundwater. Fairways that are designed to flow from the fairways will have the surface flow directed into a rough or vegetation filter area before entering any water or wetland area. Additionally, edges of roughs and fairways are contoured to provide swales that will maximize the travel distance of the water over the fairway and rough before routing runoff into drainage basins or the freshwater wetlands. Turf buffers are very effective pollutant filters.
    • A third party is used to test surface and groundwater throughout the property in the spring and fall. The water is tested for the following:
      • pH
      • Water temperature
      • Specific conductance
      • Dissolved oxygen
      • Nitrate/Nitrite
      • Phosphorus
      • Chloride
      • Turbidity
  • Participate in Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation Annual Moose Day Count
  • CC&Rs limit bluegrass to 1,000 sq. feet to conserve water
  • Compliance with the reduction of light pollution

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